CE Provider Advertising Opportunities

For APFSP-approved CE Providers in good standing and their Academy approved courses. Advertising must be received and paid in full by the 15th of the month prior to the advertising publishing date, e.g., October ads need to be received and paid by September 15th.

Please contact Christie Ward for more information. 

Provider Spotlight:

  • Scrolling Logo at bottom of APFSP.org home page, with link to CE Provider site.
  • Subscription basis, 3, 6, or 12-month term.
  • Maximum of 10 Provider logos at any time.
$500 annual, $300 six-months, $175 three-months

Email Course Spotlight:

  • Monthly detailed (250 word limit, small logo image, emailed mid-month) course descriptions emailed to all APFSP members.
  • Courses are listed in order they are received.
  • Maximum of 5 total courses each month, maximum of two courses per Provider each month.
$100 each

E-Flyer Distribution:

  • One-page, detailed course flyer emailed  to all applicable APFSP members. If an in-person course or event, the flyer will be sent to all members in the state of the event and up to four surrounding states.
  • CE Provider may choose the date of distribution, providing the date does not interfere with other APFSP advertising timing.
  • Limited to two available E-Flyer distributions per month and one per Provider each month.
$250 each

Social Media Course Spotlight:

  • Graphic post with limited course information and Provider website link.
  • Limited to three Course Spotlights per month, one per Provider each month.

$150 each 

*20% discount for non-profit organizations*
-Please contact Christie Ward for more information-